Maritime Circulars

No. Title Status
48 List of Authorised Radio Accounting Authorities Rev.0
47 List of Authorised P&I insurance companies Rev.0
46 Raise of Security Level at EEZ of Ukraine and Russia within Black Sea Rev.0
45 Inventory of Hazardous Materials (IHM) for ships calling at EU ports or anchorage areas Rev.3
44 Recruitment of Sierra Leonean Seafarers on board Sierra Leonean Vessels Rev.0
43 Prohibition of Sierra Leone flagged Cargo and Reefer Vessels to transport Fish and Fishery Products outside Sierra Leone Waters Rev.0
42 Information and guidelines on the use of electronic Certificates issued by the Republic of Sierra Leone Rev.0
41 Compliance to requirements of MARPOL ANNEX VI regarding low sulphur fuel oil Rev.0
40 Issuance of Wreck Removal Certificates Rev.0
39 ‘’Type approvals’’ and ‘’to the satisfaction of the Administration’’ criteria Rev.0
38 Incident Reporting requirements Rev.0
37 Collection and Reporting requirements for the ship fuel oil consumption data Rev. 6
36 Ballast Water Management BWM Policy Rev.5
35 Early Renewal survey of IOPP prior entry force of BWM Convention Rev.0
33 Amendments of 2014 to the Maritime Labour Convention, 2006 Rev.1
32 Laid Up Vessels Rev.0
31 Flag Safety Inspections Rev.1
30 EU Restrictive Measures, UN Sanctions and US Sanctions against Lebanon. Rev.0
29 EU Restrictive Measures, UN Sanctions and US Sanctions against Libya. Rev.0
28 EU Restrictive Measures, UN Sanctions and US Sanctions against Iran. Rev.1
27 EU Restrictive Measures, UN Sanctions and US Sanctions against Syria. Rev.0
26 Continuous Synopsis Record (CSR) on Board Rev.0
25 Long – Range Identification and Tracking of Ships (LRIT) Rev.1
24 Requirements for vessels undertaking a single voyage under tow Rev.0
23 Banned Ports in the temporarily occupied territory of Autonomous Republic of Crimea and city Sevastopol Rev.1
22 Banned Ports in Cyprus Rev.0
21 EU Restrictive Measures, UN Sanctions and US Sanctions against the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea (DPRK). Rev.1
16 Ship Registration and De-Registration Rev.2
11 Incentives, Fines and Penalties Program for Ship Owners and Ship Managers. Rev.5
20 IMO Requirements on Carriage of Publications on Board Ships Rev.0
19 On board complaint procedure Rev.0
18 Hours of Rest Rev.0
17 Seafarer's Employment Agreement Rev.1
15 Maritime Labour Convention (MLC), 2006 Procedure Rev.5
14 Issuance of Conditional Certificates Rev.0
13 Extension of Bottom Survey, Special Survey or Statutory Certificates Policy Rev.0
12 Requirements for the issuance of Exemption Certificates Rev.1
10 Minimum Safe Manning Requirements Rev.3
9 Detention Policy Rev.2
8 Online Verification System Rev.1
7 Ship Security Alert System (SSAS) Rev.0
6 Issuance and Cancellation of Bunker Convention Certificate Rev. 0
5 Change of RO within Sierra Leone Flag Rev.0
4 Reporting by Recognised Organisation on Survey and Certification to Sierra Leone Maritime Administration (SLMARAD) Rev.6
3 List of Authorized ROs Rev.5
1 Issuance of Maritime Circulars Rev.0

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