LRIT Authorized Service Providers

Long Range Identification & Tracking (LRIT) Requirements

All SOLAS vessels must be fitted with a satellite communication system as outlined herewith below: 

  • Passenger ships, including high –speed passenger craft carrying more than12 passengers.
  • Cargo ships including high speed craft of 300 gross tonnage and upwards
  • Self – propeller Mobile offshore drilling units (MODUs) The only exception to those requirements is for those ships operating only in a GMDSS Area A1 and fitted with automatic identification system. Exclude Warships, fishing, yacht and none propelled ships.

The system and equipment shall meet the performance standards and functional requirements of the IMO MSC.1/Circ 1257. Both the ship system and equipment must automatically report:

  • The IMO Number of the vessel
  • Tthe position of the ship as well as the date & time of the position

At the moment, the minimum position report is one position report per every 6 hours.  However, the report can be increased by one position report every 15 minutes.


The certification is required for the following vessels:

  • For vessels constructed after 31st of December 2008 and shall be fitted with LRIT equipment.
  • For vessels constructed before 31st of December 2008 and certified for operation within the GMDSS areas A1 and A2.  GMDSS areas A1 and A2 and A3 shall be fitted with LRIT equipment not later than the first survey of the radio installation after 31st of December 2008.
  • GMDSS area A4 must be fitted with LRIT equipment no later than the first radio survey after 1st of July 2009.
For the list of authorized testing Application Services Providers (ASP) please contact SLMARAD at

Transfer of Flag

When a vessel is transferred to Sierra Leone from another Contracting Government, the Conformance test report is considered valid in case that the ASP which carried out the conformance test is also either a recognized ASP or an authorized testing ASP by the Contracting Government to whose flag the ship is transferred. In such cases the ASP concerned should re-issue the Conformance test report on behalf of the Administration concerned henceforth indicating the new particulars of the ship but without changing the date of completion of the conformance test.In cases where the Conformance test report is deemed to be no longer valid, due to the transfer of the flag to another Contracting Government, a new conformance test should be conducted, prior to the issue of a certificate, by either a recognized ASP or an authorized testing ASP acting on behalf of the Administration concerned.
The following Authorized Service Providers are authorized to carry out the LRIT Conformance test on behalf of this Administration:
  1. Pole Star Applications Ltd.
  2. Morsviazsputnik
  3. China Transportation Telecommunication Center
  4. Arskom Group
  5. Fulcrum Maritime
  6. Modootel Ltd
  7. Kemilinks International Pte Ltd
  8. Fupe Systems AS

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