Seafarers Certification Procedure

What an Officer needs to work with us

The following procedure applies to seamen who serve on board Sierra Leonean ships for the issuance of certificate of endorsement.

The minimum number of seaman to be on board should be accordance to the Minimum Safe Manning Certificate. The vessel may have more crew members than the Minimum Safe Manning requirements, however all crew members on board must hold Certificate of Endorsement.

COEs are not mandatory for Yacht, and non- propelled ships. Nevertheless, copy of certificates of competence for officers on board for these two mentioned ships must be submitted to SLMARAD.

For Masters and Officers COEs are mandatory. For Ratings no COE is needed.

Master, officers and ratings on board Tankers, Ro-Ro Passenger and Passenger Vessels shall hold Special Training Certificates.

Every ship must carry 1 GMDSS when is exclusive acting as general operator or should have 2 GMDSS if acting also as officers.

For area A1 ships shall hold at least a Restricted Operator’s Certificate (ROC). On ships operating in Area A1/A2, A1/A2/A3, and A1/A2/A3/A4 shall hold a GMDSS General Operator’s Certificate (GOC).

On the other hand on board Sierra Leonean vessels of 500 GT and above, should have on board a Person holding the Ship Security Officer certificate, the person should be designated by the Company as responsible for the security of the ship.

For the issuance of processing Certificate of Endorsement (COE) (FOR ANY KIND OF VESSEL) all of the following documents should be submitted:

  • Copy of Application form
  • 1 electronic copy of passport photo.
  • Copy of International Passport
  • Copy of Seaman Book or CDC ( Including Sea Experience) 
  • Copy of SSA Training Certificate
  • Copy of Ship Security Officer Certificate – For all vessel 500 GRT or greater operating on international voyage.
  • Copy of Certificate of Competence (COC) for Officers and Copy of Certificates for Watch keeping. (Only issued by State Party Members of the STCW Convention are accepted.)
  • Medical Fitness Certificate (Issued not earlier than 18 months) - must be kept on board.
  • Special Training Certificates: for Tankers, Ro-Ro passenger and Passenger vessel. Tankers: Tanker Familiarization. Ro-Ro Passenger and Passenger Vessel: Familiarization Training, Crowd Management, Crisis management and human behaviors, and Passenger safety, cargo safety and hull integrity.


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