Vessel Registration Procedure

Easy and Straight Forward Procedure

SLMARAD is an open Registry accepting any Ship Owner worldwide and various type of vessels that meet the Sierra Leone standards in accordance with Merchant Shipping Act, 2003. The registration procedure is an easy and straight forward procedure in accordance with national and international standards. The registration procedure for vessels aims to safeguard the interest of the ship owners as well as buyers.

SLMARAD accepts vessels of any type and can conduct registration of newbuilding ships and transferring of existing vessels from other flag Administrations

Requirements for Provisional Registration

The following documentation should be submitted for the Provisional Registration of ships under Sierra Leone flag. Upon satisfactory completion of the Provisional Registration, the vessel will be issued with a Provisional Certificate of Registry, Provisional Ship Station License and Provisional Minimum Safe Manning Certificate. All the Provisional Certificates issued to a vessel have validity of six (6) months. The Provisional Registration of vessels can be conducted through our Registration Officers available to assist and guide the Ship Owners into the Registration Procedure.

  • RE-DOC-11 - Know your Customer Form (KYC)
  • Copy of Notarized BOS (where applicable)
  • Radio Accounting Authority letter (RAA) (where applicable)
  • Copy of applicant's Passport
  • RE-DOC-13 - Application for Minimum Safe Manning (MSM) Certificate
  • Proof vessel is free & clear from all mortgages, encumbrances and liens
  • TE-DOC-20 - RO Confirmation Letter (to be submitted to Technical Department)
  • Copy of International Tonnage Certificate
  • Signed Quotation

Requirements for Permanent Registration

The following Documentation should be submitted within 180 days from the date of first Provisional Registration for the Permanent Registration of ships under Sierra Leone flag and the issuance of Permanent Certificates. The validity of Permanent Certificates under Sierra Leone is five (5) years counted from the date of 1st Provisional Certificate.

  • RE-DOC-11 - Know your Customer form (KYC),
  • Original Notarized BOS (where applicable)
  • Original Deletion from previous Flag
  • LRIT Conformance Test
  • Valid BCC/CLC/WRC (where applicable)
  • Copy of Deletion CSR (where applicable)
  • Crew list (signed)


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