Yacht Registration Procedure

A fast registration procedure

Registration of yacht under Sierra Leone Maritime Administration is governed by the Merchant Shipping Act, 2003.

SLMARAD has set up an easy and fast procedure for yacht registration. The application forms to be completed and submitted to SLMARAD can be found below.

Yacht registration commence by completing the application form and submitting to SLMARAD. 

The documents to be submitted are:

  • RE-DOC-11 - Know your Customer Form (KYC)
  • Copy of Bill of Sale Notarized (where applicable)
  • Copy of Notarized Builder’s Certificate (If New Ship)
  • Copy of applicant’s passport
  • Simplified Tonnage Measurement or International Tonnage Certificate (whichever applicable)

 For commercial yachts of more than 24 metres, the below documents are also required:

  • TE-DOC-20 - RO confirmation letter
  • RE-DOC-13 – Application for Minimum Safe Manning (MSM) Certificate.


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